Electrical Panel Inspections


Professional Electrical Panel Inspection

Professional Electrical Panel inspection can uncover many dangerous hazards that the property owner many no nothing about. A light buzzing or humming noise could indicated that you have a short. To be cautious, you don’t want to even touch an electrical panel that is buzzing or humming. An electrical short could mean that the wires are making contact with something that exposes you to a life-threatening risk. A hot electrical panel could indicated a short or arching inside the electrical panel. You should only allow a trained professional to investigate further because these are serious hazards. Electrical arching and shorts also cost you money because they raise your electric bill. Its electricity and money down the drain.

New electrical panel code requirements

Standards change from year to year to protect property owners of commercial buildings from potential risks. Your old electrical panel might not be up to current safety standards and may pose risk of shock or fire.

If you think your electrical panel poses a threat to you or your employees, call today!