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Energy Efficiency Testing & Certification

Multiple energy certifications and classification adds value to your home or property. Having an inspector who has the ability to rate and certify your property is a big advantage when it comes to protecting your investment. We are IECC(International Energy Conservation Code) and HERS certified. We perform duct blower testing, low-e window testing, air conditioner performance testing including the vent system. We also offer green building verification and consulting with several levels of certification.  Ratings and certifications ensure that the standards the builder has promised measure up to the standards you’ve paid for.


Blower Door Testing

Gaps or opening in your door seals can cost you a fortune.  What is the point of making sure the door is closed if air is leaking out the edges.


Duct Blaster Testing

We can test your air ducts for leaks and faulty assembly.. When ducts have opening or gaps you could be paying to air condition your attic.  If you have a room that constantly stays warm, you may have a blocked or disconnected duct.


HERS Scoring

When we HERS score a structure it will gauge your building’s energy efficiency against similar structures using a number rating system.

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